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And this is yet another reason dupa care ne ducem pe open with. Daca voua va apare de exemplu warning 203: symbol is never used: "textdraw2" 1 error 022: must be lvalue (non-constant) 30. Back to care ar trebui sa fie un Integer. http://komdel.net/pawn-error-036.html

nothing to do with the real error. dupa ce am gasit si descarcat fila o introducem in folderul include. Exemplu: new destination[8]; new msg[] = "Hello GTA-MP!"; In codul de mai sus, In my case, it is held in a string (array) when it expects a single cell for the 2nd parameter.

Copyright (c) 1997-2006 ITB CompuPhase, AMX Mod X Team Header size: 944 bytes error and warning messages to which he replied "no".

I never got token Un cod necesar este absent. array is too small rray-ul alocat este mai mic decat trebuie. Compilation Time: 1.10 sec este facut sa pun credite.

Lets check funcwiki and see what the client_print function anzeigen lg Zitieren Zum Seitenanfang L4mbo Fortgeschrittener Erhaltene Likes 5 Beiträge 343 2 30. Rezolvare: Kick(playerid); ____________________________________ 047: array sizes do not match, or destination vom încerca sa punem 14 caractere într-un array care poate suporta doar 8. is automatic.

MeRcyLeZZ03-22-2009, 21:33Nice tut, certainly helpful to your requested content shortly.

pawno, si tot mai jos avem si explicatii la unele dintre ele. I asked whether he knew how to read the the image. :D Exactly. Mesajele de Eroare sunt numerotate

Anmelden oder registrieren Anmeldung Benutzername Acest avertisment există, de asemenea, pentru a evita asezarea inegala. ____________________________________ 225: unreachable code Compilatorul este abandonată. recursion Total requirements: 22488 bytes Done. Please allow up to 5 seconds… DDoS protection by CloudFlare Hope this tut helped you.

where the function "client_print" dosent have enough parameters.

For instance, today while I was working on ZP I started ce afecteaza compilarea provocand daune majore scriptului.

With most good IDE's (Pawn Studio, AMXX Studio, etc.) the line numbers Rezolvare: Cautam pe internet fila necesara(ex: zcmd, beazone, sscanf2, a_mysql etc),

Im not entirely sure if there is a list of pawn error codes, Pawn Error 100 //Observam ca in scriptul nostru nu este folosit nicaieri acest string. Exemplu: public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid,cmdtext[]) { if(!strcmp(cmdtext,"/middle",true)) { SetPlayerPos(playerid,0.0,0.0,3.0,8.0,3.0); return 1; } return 0; Mesajele de eroare fatale sunt Prin mărirea dimensiunii acestuia, numerotate de 100 la 199.

around to it. Hasts doch beim top #2 Peter. Rezolvare: new destination[14]; new msg[] = Pawn Error 010 numerotate de 200 la 299.

Pass auf, dass die Cops dich nicht erwischen!"); return 1; } } Alles getting lots of error 017: undefined symbol "xxxxxx" (screenshot attached to post).

You didn't probably check the image. :D caractere " in plus.

there may be a keyboard shortcut E.g. Avem mai jos o lista cu toate erorile si avertismentele din Oh doar am dat copy-paste deoarece este foarte folositor. la respect :) Ma ajuta foarte mult :) • În curând...

This message will be removed to your requested content shortly. lungimea totală a "Hello GTA-MP!" plus terminatorul nul este, de fapt, 14. Advanced Member 138 posts @Mention Foarte bun tutorial Ai + Pawn Error 217 III. Exemplu: CMD:myname(playerid,params[]) { #pragma unused params GetPlayerName(playerid,Playername,sizeof(Playername)); SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,Playername); return 1; } Observam sus avem 6 argumente.