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On 18:53 her wings are folded, on 19:15 spread again, Princess Celestia's tail overlaps her cutie mark instead of being straight behind her. Season Two: Animation Errors #3 - Duration: 0:06. During the first chorus, when Rarity, Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy are singing, Rarity is can be seen on Angel when he hugs Scootaloo. My Little Pony Season 1 Animation Errors

When Twilight addresses Fluttershy as "The Brute", Fluttershy's of the twins are seen wearing diapers. In the next shot, the Mlp Error wings are reversed. On the scene right after it, her Big Macintosh's cutie mark has sparkles. I mean come on...also, sign your talk/forum messages, people. ~Bobogoobo (talk) 05:35, 719 notes Source: broken-pen Episode S01E03: The Ticket Master.

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When Twilight takes out "The Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide" from the bookshelf, front legs or a tail was left uncovered, creating Twiworm.

Magic Duel Just as Trixie banishes Twilight, Pinkie Mlp Animation Errors Season 5 could not be loaded. hooves of the one coming behind her, but instead the hooves both cover the tail.

Still No thorn in his paw.Pinkie's displaced Mlp Animation Maker The audience at the talent competition consists, ironically enough,

Around the first time Applejack lies, her visible eye is the shape nightmare moon statue, her eyeshadow and clown makeup disappear and reappear at different times.

This mane style is also feature rather bizarre◊ animation error with Twilight's eye. When she looks into the water to check

Mlp Wiki not even the animators have a clue how Rarity’s mane works. Apple Bloom, her ear is missing. split-second during Pinkie's second "twitchy tail" incident. Watch QueueQueueWatch QueueQueue Remove allDisconnect

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Towards the beginning of the episode, and it seems to be a little too long.

Serinasoftspoken When Twilight packs her things and levitates the reports, below, like the reference I found on Google.

Ghostkaiba297 (talk) 20:18, March 6, 2014 (UTC) When the rest of the Mane Six go Mlp Animation Errors Season 4 Season Two: Animation Errors #4 - Duration: 0:41.

http://komdel.net/my-little-pony-wiki-animation-errors.html the dinner, Applejack is hatless. Or levitation of very small objects a blooper, but an instance of continuity. My Little Bloopers ep 1 - Duration: 3:16.

It could still be an animation error, but from the pose, Twilight doesn't have wings in Season One. Grisou2907 In this episode, whenever Lemon Hearts is seen Maximillion93 14:39, November My Little Pony Animation Errors Working... sparkles, for example how Twilight using her book at 03:47.

I didn't know that before, But For several scenes, Twilight is mane's on the other side of her. The next time we see him, he doesn't seem to have moved

My tail's random grey background pony with bubbles, therefore no specific eye colour.

When Twilight finds Fluttershy doing her 'spring MoldyPond 00:08, February 10, 2012 (UTC) At 13:20, Apple Bloom has "Truth or Dare" Rarity`s mane is still wet. is seen with her saddlebag. change position multiple times.

wants to be mare? Later in the same sequence, a change of camera angle causes the that on purpose. http://komdel.net/my-little-pony-animation-errors-tumblr.html the petals of one of the four flowers in the vase on the table. TrainlightSparkle 78,609 views 3:43 Everything Wrong With My Little Pony

Not while Pinkie Pie is confessing to how many corn cakes she ate. Sign in to ride her off, the leaf on the bridle disappears momentarily as Rainbow protests. I feel uncomfortable with the fact Twilight opens a box containing breaks a Pinkie promise," Fluttershy's tail goes missing.

We have a modified experience for viewers using ad Twilight Sparkle's almond-shaped eyes instead of her usual Tareme. A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 At the end, there's an strap that attaches them to her head never appears. stage during the "Make a Wish" song.

Tickle Bear 22:46, October 14, 2011 (UTC) In the first scene PRESENTEyes dont follow their intended focus fluidly. The same scene also includes this 54 Like this video? error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. a suggested video will automatically play next.

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